Digital Station Intelligence Manager at ACI

Agile. Smart. Simple.

The DSIM solution is cost competitive with the low technology alternatives. But the similarity ends there. The DSIM has a feature set aimed at improving outside plant function and diagnoses.
Intelligent Setup- the DSIM self-calibrates, so the maintenance tech doesn’t need to worry about setting the AGC response- just the station levels- before going to AGC mode.

Backup level control options- The DSIM is designed to keep doing its job even under abnormal conditions. If the pilot is lost, it will track the known thermal profile. If power fails and is then restored, the DSIM can restore level control operation quickly from its on-board profile history.

Expanded downloadable data set- With the DSIM’s 40 day data log, not only can you see what’s going on with pilot levels, but you can also see station temperature, DC voltage, ripple, and alarm events to help you put the story together even if you weren’t on site during an abnormal event. Now the history is at your fingertips.

One-stop Versatility

Most pilot controlled Automatic Gain Controls use a fixed bandpass filter to keep the level control focused only on the selected pilot. The circuit is pretty basic. This concept creates a few limitations though.

What if you want to monitor more than one channel as the pilot? Perhaps one at mid band and another ultraband?
What if your network is in transition from one pilot channel to another?

The DSIM is an intelligent, agile level control that can meet all of these requirements. The DSIM can be set to any channel in the spectrum whether analog or digital. It can use more than one channel as pilot references for even better spectrum-wide level control. And a pre-coded controller eliminates the possibility of setup errors in the face of all this versatility.
AGC inventory management just got easier. The DSIM will handle all the pilot channel needs among all your systems.


Agile Pilot Basics

Agile pilot actually has 2 meanings:

Being able to set up the AGC to monitor any single channel in the spectrum without the need for hardware changes.

Being able to set up the AGC to hop between multiple channels in the spectrum, thereby giving a composite picture of the total spectrum.

The DSIM perform both these agile pilot functions. If single pilot determined level compensation is desired, the DSIM can be set to any channel, digital or analog, do accomplish level control. If the system operator wants improved power management over the traditional single pilot approach, the DSIM can be set to monitor any 2 or more channels for more balanced spectrum level control.


Trends and Transients- Removing the Guesswork

Nothing worse than a truck roll that results in no problem located- except maybe a truck roll that results in a station to station hunt for a problem that isn’t there by the time you get there.

The DSIM’s data logging feature means that you have the scoop on what’s happening when you get to the station as well as what’s been happening the 30 days before you got to the station.

For example, if you’ve ever suspected a station was dramatically dropping level at a certain time of day, maybe due to temperature, you wouldn’t be the first to not be able to conclusively prove what your gut says in this situation. But with the DSIM’s downloadable data you’ll have the evidence to make your case and make the necessary corrections with confidence.

The data can be downloaded with either Windows or Android based products and contains enough detail and ease of readability to take the guesswork out of analysis.


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Graphical User Interface : PC