When you climb Mt. Rainer – a short drive from our office in Kent, Washington – the first mile is said to be as exciting as the last. Traversing the HFC network is similar. Being equipped for that begins with ACI fiber products for the first mile of the network and ACI coax products for the last.

The HFC network is remarkably adaptable to the continuing demand for applications and services. Even with decades of advancements behind us, people are surprised to learn we’ve barely scratched the surface of capacity potential. ACI’s climb to enable the first mile of fiber and last mile of coax is thrilling because we help HFC networks deliver the next wave of advanced services.

Delivering the most advanced optics in the industry today, many of ACI’s new fiber-based products still fit directly into the same amplifier housings originally selected to drive legacy system builds. This helps our customers take their services even deeper into their networks while enjoying the ACI tradition of investment protection against dreaded teardowns and costly rebuilds. In many cases we’ve supported customer progression from 550 MHz to 1002 MHz without teardowns or re-spacing. With decades of industry successes and an expanding portfolio of leading HFC solutions, ACI has earned a picturesque view from the top of the industry.

ACI is a leading manufacturer of high performance broadband amplifier products, optical nodes and head end optronics for the cable television and telecommunications industries worldwide. Headquartered in Kent, Washington, U.S., with international offices in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Chile and China, ACI helps improve the resiliency and utility of the HFC network for the next wave of advanced services. With a proud lineage of having evolved from Augat and Thomas & Betts, ACI is a wholly owned subsidiary of TwoWay Communications, Inc.