Your customers are demanding more bandwidth. They want more channels, more choices and more speed for their homes and businesses.

ACI can help provide you with solutions for these bandwidth hungry customers and applications while preserving the valuable assets that you currently have in place.

ACI has 1 GHz high quality amplifiers, including Motorola and Cisco modules that drop into your existing Motorola and Cisco housings. We also offer our DSIM, smart programmable AGC modules for most current and legacy amplifier types. Our amplifiers and drop in modules also have upgradeable return band options for when your customers demand more from your return band.

The world is demanding Gbps. That stands for billions of bits-per-second and is measure of bandwidth on a digital data transmission medium, such as optical fiber. While there are many vehicles to get networks operating at this level, all roads to the destination go through glass- SiO2 optical fiber.

Let us introduce you to the benefits of the industry-leading glass solutions from ACI. Whether you’re looking for the most advanced fully scalable optical node for HFC, the highest density EDFA blast and split for GPON, or the highest capacity return laser for DOCSIS 3.1, ACI can deliver. We’d love to show you the future. Contact us today at (253) 854-9802

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